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The Importance of Project Management in Landscape Design & Construction


When it comes to commercial landscape design in PA, there are certain “best practices” that must be followed.

One way to make sure these practices are adhered to is through project management, which ensures every landscaping job is thoroughly planned, coordinated and controlled from its commencement to its completion.

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Benefits of LEDs for Commercial Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in PAIf you’re the owner or manager of a commercial property, you’ve almost certainly had your fair share of near-panic attack moments when the dreaded electric bill has arrived. That’s because aside from HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), commercial landscape lighting is far and away the biggest user of energy in your industry. So without some sort of energy efficiency solution, the prices you’re paying in that department are likely to stay more or less the same. And that’s where LED lighting comes in.

For years, LED lighting has gotten something of a bad rap, and to a large degree, that’s had a lot to do with the initial cash outlay of the bulbs themselves. LED bulbs are not cheap, especially when you compare their price tags to those of the filament or florescent bulbs your property probably uses now.

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Boosting Property Resale with Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction in PA

If you ask a real estate agent what your home needs to sell, chances are you’ll get a two-word answer: Curb appeal.

When the National Association of Realtors surveyed its members last year, 99 percent said they thought curb appeal was important for attracting buyers.

And 96 percent of Realtors say they suggest sellers improve their home’s curb appeal before putting the property up for sale.

If you’re one of those sellers, here are a few real estate landscape construction ideas to help boost your home’s resale potential.

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Spring Landscape Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers in PA

landscape maintenance in PA

Now that the winter season has come to an end and the blooming months of spring are finally upon us, commercial property managers throughout Pennsylvania are prepping for an annual tradition that the Realty Landscaping team has been dutifully observing for years: Namely, landscape maintenance in PA.

If you’re a property manager yourself, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that the start of the spring season is an ideal time to get the landscape surrounding the commercial property you’re responsible for back in top working order. Plants and shrubbery that have been dormant for months will soon be flowering back to life. If it isn’t already, the weather will soon be ideal for working in the great outdoors. And perhaps most importantly, the malnourished landscape that’s been neglected all winter is finally prepared to shine.

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Best Practices: Planning Your Commercial Landscape

Commercial Landscaping at Flowers MillIf you’re in charge of a mid-size or large commercial property, you’ve probably run into your fair share of pushback if you’ve ever tried to argue for the importance—or even the necessity—of a lush landscape project. Perhaps the money counters at your firm have tried to convince you of the non-necessity of a landscape that does more than simply meet the minimal requirements.

Or perhaps you’re the one who isn’t quite sold on the idea of living greenery as a wise investment. Maybe you’re not yet convinced, for instance, that commercial landscape design can do much more than simply add a touch of required greenery to an otherwise bland, commercial landscape.

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The Benefits of Turf Aeration: When, How & Why

Turf Aeration & Lawn Maintenance in Philadelphia

Ah, the joys of a beautiful, well maintained front lawn. If you live in the suburban stretches of Bucks or Montgomery counties, there’s a good chance your property includes a lawn. Of course, whether that lawn is something of which you can be duly proud is another matter altogether. Landscape maintenance in Philadelphia—keeping its grass an ideally bright shade of green, with a thick and healthy appearance and a shining luster—is not always an easy task.

In fact, so difficult can the chore of maintaining a beautifully manicured lawn sometimes be that we’re often asked if there’s some magic bullet that, when added to a regular lawn care regimen, might result in a lawn straight off the pages of a gardening magazine.

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How to Find a Qualified Snow Removal Company

snow removal company in PA & NJ

If you were expecting the winter of 2017 to be easy, think again. Weather experts say we’re in for a miserable few months.

“Old Man Winter returns!” proclaims the Farmer’s Almanac, which predicts “exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather” in much of the country this year.

“Frequent snow to blast Northeast,” warns Accuweather.

But even if these predictions don’t come true, living in Pennsylvania means at least some snow will fall between now and March (or even April).

And if you’re a business owner, that means you’ll need someone to clear that snow. Here are a few things you should look for when hiring someone to do commercial snow removal in PA.

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Does Your Bucks County Business Need Ice & Snow Removal Services?

Bucks County Snow Removal Company

Commercial ice and snow removal in PA & NJ

Winter in the Bucks County and Montgomery County region of Pennsylvania is known for being especially fierce. Indeed, weather conditions in our region of the state often seem to change on a dime: Heavy snowstorms seem to appear out of nowhere overnight. And along with the powder they dump on our sidewalks, parking lots, homes and roads, we also have potentially dangerous ice conditions to deal with. If you’re a business owner, snowfall and the buildup of ice can lead to lost revenue, absentee employees, and even lawsuits.

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Winterizing Your Irrigation System is Critical

SprinklersIn our most recent blog post, we took a look at some of the most critical tasks any commercial property manager will need to complete this fall in order to properly prepare his or her landscape for the coming winter.  Lawn aeration, the application of mulch, the wholesale removal of summer annuals or perennials—you get the gist.

We also touched on the huge importance of properly winterizing your property’s irrigation system before the end of fall. But because that particular task can be so incredibly costly if it isn’t done right (and also because we spent less than 100 words discussing it), we figured it might be useful to dive a bit deeper into the subject by devoting an entire post to irrigation system winterizing: why it’s so important, and frankly, why you need an irrigation systems professional—in this instance, a commercial landscaper in Bucks County—to handle the job for you.

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Benefits of Autumn Cleanup and Maintenance

commercial landscaping in PA

Listen: We get it. Now that the Bucks and Montgomery county area’s Indian Summer has finally given way to the cooler and much more manageable days of autumn, it may seem tempting to pull back a bit on the cleanup and maintenance of your commercial property. After all, autumn leaves are about the only thing cluttering your sidewalks. And before long, the snows of winter will be blanketing your entire grounds.

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