5 Dramatic Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Bucks & Montgomery Home

There are any number of ways to enhance the landscape of your home, and along with it, the aesthetic appeal of its exterior.

landscape lighting ideasTrees, decorative shrubs, ponds, the creative use of stonework and concrete are just a few.

Another way to drastically increase the curb appeal and the overall atmosphere of your outdoor living space is through the decorative use of outdoor lighting.

Lighting is sometimes overlooked as a decorative element, but it is something that can easily transform the look and feel of your home’s exterior and the land that surrounds it.

Aside from its obvious functional aspect, if you entertain during the warm months, outdoor lighting can also add a great deal of festive ambiance to your party or outdoor event.

Well-placed lighting can accentuate the architecture of your home, and it can highlight outdoor elements such as trees and plants and add a warm glow to patios and gazebos.

Here are 5 Outdoor Lighting Ideas to Get You Inspired!

1. Christmas Lights on Trees

If you’re looking for a simple way to add warm, glowing light to your outdoor space, look no further than Christmas mini-lights. These come in a variety of colors, but most people stick to the standard white lights for a classic and understated look. They can be used in the front or backyard, and will turn any tree into a lovely, glowing light feature.

Don’t like the idea of leaving lights on your trees for long stretches of time? No problem. Adding lights to your trees temporarily is a great way to add a decorative atmosphere for parties or outdoor entertaining. They’re also relatively easy to assemble and take down.

2. Exterior Floodlights Add Drama to Your Bucks or Montgomery Home

landscape lighting ideasYou have a beautiful home, and naturally you love to show it off. Why not light it up?

Floodlights can dramatically highlight your home’s architecture and beauty. As an added bonus, they’re also a safety feature.

Remember that positioning floodlights strategically is important. You don’t want lights shining in your bedroom window when you’re trying to sleep!

Pro tip: Angling the lighting from the ground up illuminates the front of your home and eliminates dark shadows. Floodlights are especially good at drawing attention to architectural elements such as pillars, stonework, or a beautiful doorway or arch.

3. Low-Level Pathway Lighting

landscape lighting ideasLighted pathways not only make the experience of strolling through your yard after dark a much safer one—they also add interest and beauty to your home.

A winding cobblestone or brick pathway can look positively magical when lit up with ground-level lighting.

Other places to add pathway lighting include deck steps, and along the walkway leading to your home’s front door.

4. Water Features & Garden Pond Lighting

landscape lighting ideasWater features such as ponds and fountains add serenity and beauty to your home. Whether you use a flagstone rimmed pond, or perhaps an urn fountain, lighting can make water features truly pop at night.

Colored lighting and fountain lighting can create a lovely and relaxing atmosphere; your favorite pond supply store can recommend the best lighting for your needs.

For the most dramatic results, place the lighting in the water itself. Uplighting at the bottom of a fountain is another way to up the drama level of your water feature.

5. Uplighting Trees and Shrubs

landscape lighting ideasTreating your trees and shrubs with some simple uplighting can have a surprisingly dramatic effect on your outdoor living space.

Uplighting is simple: Place outdoor lighting at the base of the tree or shrub, and angle it upward to accent the foliage. Sometimes the lighting is placed behind the tree to increase the drama.

Some people like to use colored lighting for this, which not only provides increased visibility, but also adds flair and atmosphere to your yard.

Uplighting also works well with sculptures, statues or other decorative elements.

Lighting Adds Personality and Warmth


There are so many ways to use outdoor lighting to make a statement.

If you’re looking for an understated effect, keep it minimal with pathway lights and subtle uplighting. If you want more of a warm, romantic look, try lighting your trees and water features. For drama, think uplighting and creative floodlights.

There are endless ways to enhance your landscape with lighting, so enjoy experimenting!

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