5 Signs Your Property Needs Landscape Maintenance

pa landscape maintenanceMost days, getting in and out of your office is no big deal. You drive in and admire the well-groomed commercial landscape all around you.

Then one day, one of your employees comes to you and says, “I think we’ve got bees.”

So you go outside and check, and sure enough, there are bees. Actually, it’s worse: they’re wasps, and they’ve built a whole new wasp colony under the hedges near your entrance.

This is a classic PA landscape maintenance problem and a sign that you need professional landscape maintenance help.

Of course, not every call to your local landscape service will be for something that severe. Not sure if you need landscape maintenance? PA property owners should look for these signs.

1. Your grass is brown

Most years you’d have a lush green lawn, but yours is the color of hay. Sometimes this is the result of a drought and high heat, which means your grass will regain its luster when the rains return.

However, not every dried-out lawn is the victim of drought. You might be dealing with:

  • Weeds, which can deprive your grass of water and nourishment
  • Disease
  • Improper/insufficient watering
  • Grubs and other pests

A professional PA landscape maintenance specialist can help you combat any of these problems.

2. It’s been a rough winter

Winter can be tough on your lawn, shrubs and trees. Some common winter problems include:

  • Salt damage – Melting snow and ice can spread road salt onto plants, which saps them of their moisture and damages root systems.
  • Leaf scorch – Also known as “reflective damage,” leaf scorch is what happens when plants are exposed to the harsh reflective glare of sunlight off of snow, causing exposed leaves or needles to burn.
  • Wind desiccation – This is what happens when shrubs and trees are exposed to dry, cold wind, which draws moisture from their stems and leaves, causing cell damage and leaving behind brownish discolorations.

A landscape management company can help you assess the damage winter has done to your lawn/property, and work with you on ways to remedy the problems

3. Your neighbors are complaining

When your neighbors have begun to complain about your yard – or worse, you’ve become known as That House on your block – it’s time to consult with a landscape maintenance company.

It may not even be that your lawn is overgrown or unsightly. If it’s been several years since you’ve changed your landscape design, it might be time for an upgrade.

4. You just have a lot of lawn

While a vast lawn is fun to appreciate and show off, it’s also difficult to maintain. If you’re dealing with half an acre or more of grass, you might want to leave the lawn care duties to a professional.

5. Pest control

You might find yourself in a situation like we described earlier. If that’s the case, a landscape company that offers integrated pest management services can come to your rescue.

Integrated pest management is a method of keeping plants healthy by preventing harmful insects and promoting more beneficial bugs. It means knowing the life cycles of pests, the type of damage they cause and when they are most susceptible to controls.

Do you need landscape maintenance? PA residents in the Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery county area have long relied on Realty Landscaping.

For more than 30 years, we’ve provided full-service landscaping design and maintenance – as well as pest management – services to commercial and residential clients.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your property look its best.

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