Care Instructions

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Watering Plantings and Transplants

  • 1st Week: Water EVERY DAY!!!
  • 2nd Week: Water every third day.
  • Thereafter, water thoroughly once per week if the high temperature is below 85 degrees. If it rains at least one-quarter inch during this period you can start your seven day period from the time the rain is completed. If the high temperature is above 90 degrees you will need to use a five day cycle.
  • When you water if you soak things well you will have to water less often. If in doubt pull the mulch back and check with your finger for sufficient moisture in the soil. Do not water plant foliage while in the bright sunlight.
  • After the first year use the same guidelines but the plants may go up to 1-2 weeks between watering.

Watering Sod, Seed & Ground Covers

  • 1st Week: Water EVERY DAY!!!
  • 2nd Week: Water every third day.
  • Thereafter, water twice a week until the temperature are below 80 degrees or we have a quarter inch or greater of rainfall. Continue for about 2 months until well rooted .
  • Water once a week after 2 months until late fall.


  • Liquid starter fertilizer with B-1 vitamins can be applied every 3-4 weeks to encourage quick rooting.
  • Granular fertilizers can be applied 4 months after planting but only between November and March ( with appropriate fertilizer for each plant).
  • Miracle grow or Miracid can be applied on a monthly basis during the growing season 2 months after installation.

 Weed Control:

  • Controlling weeds early in new landscapes is essential for easy maintenance.
  • Spot spraying weeds with round-up is an alternative to pulling them (weed seeds are usually brought to the soil surface when the pulling method is used).
  • Weed barrier may be used in areas under mulch except where perennials, bulbs or herbaceous ground covers are used. Or where the area stays wet for an extended period of time.
  • Pre-emergent herbicides such as Preen should be applied before mulching to prevent new weed seeds from germinating and may be re-applied every two months.


  • Pruning should not be performed on spring flowering shrubs after July 15th After this time you may prune but you may be reducing your flower for next spring.
  • Summer flowering shrubs should be pruned in the fall or winter because they bloom on new growth.
  • Broad-leveled evergreens should not be pruned until December 1st.
  • Cutting back of non-evergreen perennials when flowering is finished will encourage root growth for bigger plants the following year and in many cases will encourage fall flowering.
  • Free flowering perennials should be cut to the ground only in late fall.

Deer Protection & Control:

  • Repel is an animal repellent and can prevent deer from traveling through an area. Re-apply every six weeks.
  • Ropell is a spray particularly good for bulbs. It gives the plant a very bitter taste and should be used on plants you know you will have a problem with.
  • “Texas Hot Sauce” (Miller Chemical) is applied with an anti-desiccant such as wilt-proof and can be applied in late fall and early winter.