Is It Too Hot for My Plants?

A sprinkler watering a garden on a hot summer dayHave you been complaining about the heat lately?

If your plants could talk, they’d be complaining too.

Long periods of high heat can take a heavy toll and your lawn and garden. In this blog post, we’ll look at the effects of heat stress on plants and some residential landscape maintenance tips for protecting them against hot weather.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pond Fountains

A pond fountain with lily padsThere’s something soothing about being near the water, as anyone who’s ever spent time gazing out at the ocean or standing next to a river can tell you.

Even when we can’t get to the water, people are compelled to bring the water to us, installing ponds in our backyards and fountains in office parks.

These commercial pond fountains provide a special benefit when you own a business, making your property seem much more inviting.

But that’s only the case when your pond seems healthy. Fewer things will make your property seem unkept like a sad-looking pond.

In this blog post, we’ll look at how circulating and aerating your pond water can keep it healthy.

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How Often Should I Water My Lawn in the Summer?

A sprinkler watering a lawn in summerEvery living thing needs water, and your grass is no exception.

But simply remembering to water your lawn isn’t enough. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it, as anyone in the PA landscape construction industry can tell you.

For example, if you’re not generous enough with your watering, the roots of the grass won’t grow deeply, leaving your lawn in trouble at the height of summer.

And if you decided to run your sprinkler system after dark, your lawn can become too moist, leaving it open to mold and, eventually, disease.

Before you start watering, follow these steps.

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Can Weeds Damage Your Lawn and Garden?

A spring lawn desperately in need of commercial weed control You’ve lived in your home for 15 years and tried to be a good neighbor. You don’t host loud parties, you keep your house in good shape and your neighbors know they can count on you to pick up their mail while they’re on vacation.

Then one day, you get a new neighbor. He blares music at 2 a.m., owns a dog that never stops barking and parks a beat-up car in his front yard.

If your lawn and garden could talk, they’d tell you this is how they think of weeds: the nuisance neighbor driving down property values and generally making life miserable.

As anyone in the residential and commercial weed control field can tell you, weeds are more than just unwelcome; they can do some serious harm.

Here are four ways weeds can damage the plants on your lawn or in your garden.

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Landscape Construction Tips for Spring

landscape construction PAEvery winter, your landscape goes to sleep.

Even if the stretch between December and March was on the mild side, like what we’ve just experienced here in PA, your lawn and gardens have been hibernating.

But now it’s awake and ready to show itself to the world again. Winter is out of the way, and it’s time to start thinking about landscape construction.

PA residents should consider these steps to help their lawn make its debut this year.

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6 Ways to Bring Life to Your Landscape in Spring

spring landscape ideasWe’re writing this in the middle of February. This morning began with snow, which soon changed over to an icy rain.

The groundhog didn’t see its shadow this year, but that early spring he predicted still seems a long way off on a day like this.

All the more reason to think about warmer weather, which is why we decided to put together these tips for sprucing up your lawn and garden and surrounding landscape. Here are six spring landscape ideas to get your yard ready for the warmer months.

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What is Hardscape Construction?

hardscape contractors Bucks County PAThe brick patio where you mastered the art of grilling the perfect steak.

The backyard gazebo that your kids have turned into a little fort.

The sturdy wooden fence that provides you with privacy and protection.

What do these three things have in common? They’re all examples of hardscape construction. In this blog post, we’ll look at the type of work Bucks County PA hardscape contractors can do to transform your property.

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Tips for Winter Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance

winter lawn care tipsWinter is officially here and there’s nothing you’d rather do for the next few months than hibernate. Sit by the fire – or maybe the space heater – watch football or maybe read your favorite book.

We’d like to tell you to just take the winter off when it comes to landscape maintenance, but sadly, there’s work that’s got to be done now to make things easier on yourself in the spring.

Here are a few winter lawn care tips for ensuring green grass and healthy plants next year.

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How to Care for Your Patio in Winter

install patio Bucks CountyWinter is just around the corner, and aside from the occasional unseasonably warm day, it’s hard to find a reason to spend time on your patio.

In fact, you’re probably looking at your patio and thinking about the next few months. Snow and ice and wind and cold can take their toll on your property and this little corner of your backyard is no exception.

It’s easy to think about a big storm hitting during February or March, forcing you to spend the spring Googling “install patio Bucks PA.”

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your patio for the winter.

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Hardscape Vs. Softscape: What’s the Difference?

hardscape Montgomery PAOur world thrives on balance. Light and dark. Happiness and sadness. Summer and winter.

The same goes for your landscaping, which isn’t truly complete without two elements that are complete opposites: softscape and hardscape.

Montgomery PA homes that want to look their best would do well to incorporate both softscaping and hardscaping into their properties, but what’s the difference between the two?

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