Best Practices: Planning Your Commercial Landscape

Commercial Landscapers in PA-NJ

How much priority does landscaping get when it comes to your property maintenance budget? It might seem like an afterthought, but it shouldn’t.

A good looking commercial landscape keeps your happy, encourages their customers to visit and can catch the eye of potential tenants.

That’s why proactive property manager should develop an overall plan for how to deal with the issue. Here are a few best practices for planning your commercial landscape with the assistance of a commercial landscaper in PA & NJ:

Develop a Distinctive Landscape Identity

Most commercial landscape is simply a large area of green lawn with some shrubbery positioned along the perimeter. Occasionally, a few green trees will be planted here and there.

A better plan is to judicious use colorful plants, shrubs and trees throughout the design instead. They make all the difference in creating a landscape that makes for a truly distinctive commercial property.

This distinctiveness is important for several reasons. Boldly colored flowers and shrubs will distinguish your property from the one next door or down the street. It is truly amazing how much difference a few splashes of color can make. Not only will far more potential clients investigate your property for their own needs, your tenants will rave about the atmosphere to anyone who asks.

Add A Hard Feature or Two

The creation of paths and points of interest in a commercial landscape adds value to your property for both tenants and visitors. For example, the addition of seating around the property provides a place for tenants to lunch or for visitors to conduct some on-site business. In short, it makes the property more functional to the user and therefore more valuable to them.

Similarly, a property manager should consider adding a fountain or an outdoor sculpture to set their commercial property apart from its neighbors.

The features themselves well as the paths that lead to them offer tenants a respite from the daily grind. They are also an excellent place to conduct a little business outside of the confines of the office.

Do Not Plan It Piecemeal

A truly successful commercial landscaping project requires an integrated perspective. In other words, the entire space should be considered not just each of its individual elements. Developing a clear understanding of the message you hope to convey through your landscape is key. This is not to say that every element must be installed simultaneously – just that each element fits into the plan as it is installed.

In most cases, the installation work will be outsourced but that does not mean that the vendor should leave you out of the design process. Undoubtedly, they will have more experience with the process and can make a significant contribution to the design but your vision is the one that counts in the end. In addition, a landscape company can also help you overcome any hurdles presented by local zoning or environmental laws that may be in place.

Think Long Term and Sustainable

While many commercial property managers will endlessly scrutinize the numbers involved with the initial installation of a commercial landscape, they will often overlook the costs of ongoing maintenance until it is too late.

The more forward-looking ones, however, understand that it is also essential to consider the sustainability of the plants, shrubs and trees they’ll be planting.

By choosing plants that are native to your region, for instance, a property manager can save a significant amount of money. Not only will maintenance costs be reduced but plant replacement costs should also be minimized. In short, go local when choosing the flora for your commercial landscaping project.

A Final Note

A commercial landscaping project may seem like a daunting undertaking – especially with so many other priorities on your plate – but it is one that can pay enormous dividends for you and your tenants.

Just remember that you do not have to tackle it on your own. Realty Landscaping can help give your property the look you need to attract the tenants you want. Contact our commercial landscapers today to get started.

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