Backyard Landscape Construction Ideas

landscape construction bucks paThere was a time when the notion of “relaxing” in your backyard would have been unthinkable.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, the backyard was where people raised chickens, threw away trash…and kept their outhouses.

It was an important part of the home, but also not somewhere you’d want to hang out. Then came suburbs and indoor plumbing, and with them, the idea of leisure at home and landscape construction.

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Using Landscaping to Hide Outdoor Maintenance Devices

Landscaping Concealing Metal Unit

Nearly every commercial facility is a blend of form and function. Sometimes, you have an aesthetically pleasing property because of its design and there’s nothing you want to hide.

But in some cases, you might be challenged to use commercial landscaping elements strategically, to cover-up or mask something on your property:

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The Importance of Project Management in Landscape Design & Construction


When it comes to commercial landscape design in PA, there are certain “best practices” that must be followed.

One way to make sure these practices are adhered to is through project management, which ensures every landscaping job is thoroughly planned, coordinated and controlled from its commencement to its completion.

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Boosting Property Resale with Landscape Construction

Landscape Construction in PA

If you ask a real estate agent what your home needs to sell, chances are you’ll get a two-word answer: Curb appeal.

When the National Association of Realtors surveyed its members last year, 99 percent said they thought curb appeal was important for attracting buyers.

And 96 percent of Realtors say they suggest sellers improve their home’s curb appeal before putting the property up for sale.

If you’re one of those sellers, here are a few real estate landscape construction ideas to help boost your home’s resale potential.

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Transitioning Your Landscape from Summer to Fall

As the seasons change, so should your landscaping practices to keep up with your landscape maintenance.

The challenges you face when tending to your garden and your lawn during the summer are different than the ones you’ll deal with when fall arrives. But these are challenges that you’ll be able to overcome with the right preparation. Read on to learn some tips for transitioning your landscape from summer to fall:

residential landscaping in fallTransitioning Your Residential or Commercial Landscape

  • This is a good time to deal with problems with your lawn. Start with core aeration, the practice of mechanically removing small bits of thatch and soil from your lawn to help it breathe. As the summer’s hottest temperatures recede, you can, well, reseed your lawn.
  • Give your lawn a rest from the mower and let your grass grow a bit. This gives your lawn time to recover without having to expend energy on regrowing.
  • If you have water features in your yard, start to cover them. This will keep fallen leaves from clogging their irrigation systems.

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The Value of A Full Service Landscape Contractor

Quality of Life
We are continually looking for, and purchasing ways to increase the value of those three words.  We go to work in some form or another, whether at the office, the job site, our home and even school every day to get a better Quality of Life.Delightful glade.

If you look at it closely, on the whole, our quality of life can be represented by a Circle, a Circle with two parts: one we can label the ‘Work Time’ part of the Circle, and we can label the other ‘Our Time’. These two parts complete our Circle.

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Outdoor Kitchens – The Philadelphia Stay-cation

It is well known that the most common meeting room in your home is the kitchen. After spending an inordinate amount of money on your new 70” flat screen, it is more likely your friends and family will find themselves sitting around the kitchen’s center island watching the Phillies’ game on your 13” television. The same applies for outdoor areas. Continue reading Outdoor Kitchens – The Philadelphia Stay-cation →

Protect Your Home From Water and Drainage Problems

Protect Your Home From Water And Drainage Problems

With the constant development of our surrounding lands, surface water run-off and its drainage from impervious surfaces are becoming increasingly important. For many of us, our homes are our best and most valuable investment. Poor drainage can cause property damage, make some parts of your property unusable and can even be unhealthy by harboring mold and mosquitoes.  By letting these issues persist, they will only become worse. Below, I’ve detailed some potential drainage issues with their solutions. Continue reading Protect Your Home From Water and Drainage Problems →

Permeable Landscaping Pavers and Their Use

With urban sprawl reaching farther and farther, impervious surfaces are becoming more and more of an issue. Sometimes it seems like we are paving the world. Permeable pavers use larger voids and deep stone bases to allow water to percolate more readily into the earth below. Trying to reduce surface run-off, townships are passing more ordinances to limit the amount of impervious surfaces. Homeowners limited on yard space look to find a surface that is more diverse in its use, while also helping to save the environment. Below, we’ll look into the types of pervious pavers and their use. Continue reading Permeable Landscaping Pavers and Their Use →