The Best Plants for Winter Landscapes

a landscaped backyard in winter

When you hear the phrase “winter plants” it’s easy to think of evergreen shrubs and trees.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you likely know how hardy tree varieties like pine and spruce can be. But don’t let your winter plant vocabulary begin and end there.

There are plenty of plants that are sturdy enough to survive cold, weather and keep your residential landscape looking its best year round. Here are a few plants you may want to consider for your yard.

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How to Avoid Injuries While Shoveling Snow

business snow removal bucks county

Death by snow removal.

This might sound like the plot of a bad late-night movie, but sadly enough, multiple Americans die every winter from the seemingly innocuous activity of shoveling snow.

That’s because snow shoveling is a much more taxing physical activity than many people realize. For instance, it can increase heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous degrees.

The good news is that these sorts of deaths are rare. The bad news is that you’re still at risk of injuring your back or your joints while clearing snow from your driveway or sidewalk.

With that in mind, paying attention to the following tips will go a long way toward helping you avoid injuries while shoveling.

And if you happen to own a business in the Philadelphia-area suburbs, you may want to avoid the possibility of injuring yourself or your employees altogether by taking advantage of business snow removal in Bucks County. It’s a service we’ve been offering for many, many years.

But if you do decide to handle your Bucks County business’ snow removal yourself, remember…

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Avoiding Falls and Accidents in on Your Commercial Property

snow and ice removal in PA

For businesses in the market for commercial snow and ice removal in PA, the next few months could be busy.

Forecasters say the northeast should see a wet winter, which means snow and ice on the roads, and slippery sidewalks and pathways at your commercial property.

That’s why it’s critical to make sure your property is clear of snow and ice during this season, so that you’ll keep your staff, customers and other visitors safe from harm.

(We should also note that if a customer slips and falls on your property, you might end up defending yourself against a lawsuit if they can show you were negligent in clearing snow or ice.)

Here are some steps you can take to guard against slip and fall injuries this winter:

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How to Find a Qualified Snow Removal Company

snow removal company in PA & NJ

If you were expecting the winter of 2017 to be easy, think again. Weather experts say we’re in for a miserable few months.

“Old Man Winter returns!” proclaims the Farmer’s Almanac, which predicts “exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather” in much of the country this year.

“Frequent snow to blast Northeast,” warns Accuweather.

But even if these predictions don’t come true, living in Pennsylvania means at least some snow will fall between now and March (or even April).

And if you’re a business owner, that means you’ll need someone to clear that snow. Here are a few things you should look for when hiring someone to do commercial snow removal in PA.

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Does Your Bucks County Business Need Ice & Snow Removal Services?

Bucks County Snow Removal Company

Commercial ice and snow removal in PA & NJ

Winter in the Bucks County and Montgomery County region of Pennsylvania is known for being especially fierce. Indeed, weather conditions in our region of the state often seem to change on a dime: Heavy snowstorms seem to appear out of nowhere overnight. And along with the powder they dump on our sidewalks, parking lots, homes and roads, we also have potentially dangerous ice conditions to deal with. If you’re a business owner, snowfall and the buildup of ice can lead to lost revenue, absentee employees, and even lawsuits.

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The Importance of Spring Cleanup

With the 2015 spring season now upon us, the spring cleanup process is more important than ever. After receiving a decent amount of snowfall this past winter, which included wet snow and gusty winds, the season created a backyard nightmare for almost everyone.

spring cleanupThe following are some easy steps to follow to complete a successful spring cleanup:

  • Removal of any fallen trees or limbs from the winter snow and ice damage
  • Grinding of tree stumps that are a result of fallen trees
  • Removal of the stump grinding and filling in with topsoil above grade, allowing for settlement
  • Installation of the proper grass seed mix, and then straw mulch in the affected area
  • Raking the lawn would be beneficial to remove all matted down leaves and debris so that the turf area can breathe and get the proper air circulation.
  • Any wet areas should also be raked and cleaned of debris.

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