How to Care for Your Patio in Winter

install patio Bucks CountyWinter is just around the corner, and aside from the occasional unseasonably warm day, it’s hard to find a reason to spend time on your patio.

In fact, you’re probably looking at your patio and thinking about the next few months. Snow and ice and wind and cold can take their toll on your property and this little corner of your backyard is no exception.

It’s easy to think about a big storm hitting during February or March, forcing you to spend the spring Googling “install patio Bucks PA.”

Here are a few things you can do to prepare your patio for the winter.

Caring for your furniture

If at all possible, keep your patio furniture indoors during the winter. If you can’t do that, consider putting down some sort of weather-proof covering or a tarp. Measure your furniture before you buy a covering so you’ll know you have the proper fit.

Store acrylic cushions and fabric inside airtight bags for the season, even those made for outdoor use.

If you own an outdoor fire pit or chimney, be sure to cover that as well to keep water away from metal components, as these can rust.

Clean your furniture before you put it away for the season. You can wash wrought iron pieces with a mild soap and water and sand away any rust. If you have wicker furniture, clean it with a vacuum and soft brush to get rid of loose dirt.

Always pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions before using any cleaning product.

Protecting your grill

Unless you’re brave enough to barbecue year round, it’s time to put the grill away for the season to protect it against rust.

If you own a gas grill, turn off the propane tank and disconnect the hose. If your grill is connected to a gas line, shut off the valve to the grill and the one to your home.

Once you’ve turned off the gas, clean the grill with a degreaser and a sturdy wire brush, taking care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Underneath the grill box, you’ll find the drip pan. That needs to be cleaned too, but it may first need to soak to remove any caked-on food remnants. Let it sit overnight in hot water mixed with a strong grease-fighting detergent.

Your grill will need a cover too. Look for one that will resist cracking and fading and hangs low enough to blanket the legs of the grill. It should also fit tightly enough not to blow off.

Cleaning the patio

We’ve done enough Bucks County patio installs to tell you the importance of cleaning your patio surface before winter arrives.

If you’re dealing with concrete, sweep the patio before scrubbing it with water and a brush with stiff bristles. Use a degreaser to get rid of stains from the grill.

If you have a natural stone patio, you can clean it with mild detergent. Just be sure to rinse it off to protect people from slipping.

Stone and paver patios can sometimes be power washed. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions when dealing with composite materials.

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