Landscape Lighting Ideas for Commercial Properties

Dramatic low voltage landscape lighting Montgomery County PA

During the day, your commercial property landscaping looks amazing.

It’s the type of image you’d happily put on your website or a company brochure: a lush green lawn, happy people walking along well-kept sidewalks under a clear blue sky.

But what about the people who visit your property at night? What do they see? Will they see anything at all?

That’s where adding landscape lighting to your property can help. Here’s how:

  • Like we indicated above, not every first-time visitor to your property will see it during the daylight hours. By investing in commercial property lighting in PA, you can ensure that your business makes a great first impression, morning, noon and night.
  • Commercial landscape lighting can help you stand out from your competitors and enhance your existing landscaping in the evening, giving your trees, plants and pathways a whole new look.
  • And last – but definitely not least – adding landscape lighting can ensure that your workers, customers and visitors feel safe.

If you’re interested in installing commercial property lighting in PA, consider these options:

1. Parking lot fixtures

Your tenants, customers and employees deserve good lighting as they make their ways to their cars. They’ll feel safer, and have an easier time getting to and from their vehicles.

2. Floodlights

These lights help illuminate large swaths of your property, providing significant lighting for visitors or employees after dark. You can set floodlights to run fulltime once the sun goes down, or install a motion sensor, which switches the lights on only when movement is detected.

3. Spotlights

Want to show off an architectural or landscape feature that makes you proud? Put it – quite literally – in the spotlight.

A spotlight lets you concentrate light on a specific area, while also serving more practical purposes, like making sure pedestrians can see where they’re going.

4. LED landscape lighting

LED lights are fast replacing halogen bulbs as the key of commercial property landscaping. These bulbs have an extremely long life span, and are durable enough to hold up against shocks, vibration and wet wintry weather.

5. Make sure you cover the essentials

When you’re investing in commercial property lighting in PA, there are certain parts of your landscape you should think of as essential in terms of illumination.

Pathways, entryways, steps, patios, driveways, water features, statues or other unique architectural accents are all things you should shine a light upon.

6. There’s such a thing as too much light

Having too much light on your property can create light pollution, and therefore diminish what you were trying to do with your landscape lighting.

If the light is shining directly into people’s eyes, or into neighboring buildings, or washing out the night sky, you’ve gone too far. You can avoid light pollution by using glare guards or lighting shields.

Are you thinking about installing commercial property lighting in PA? Business owners in the Philadelphia area can call on Realty Landscaping to light up their properties.

Our skilled lighting professionals know how to accent your property in all the right ways and places, enhancing your image to visitors, customers and employees. Contact us today for a free landscape lighting consultation.

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