Outdoor Kitchens – The Philadelphia Stay-cation

It is well known that the most common meeting room in your home is the kitchen. After spending an inordinate amount of money on your new 70” flat screen, it is more likely your friends and family will find themselves sitting around the kitchen’s center island watching the Phillies’ game on your 13” television. The same applies for outdoor areas.

There are many advantages to having an outdoor kitchen here in the Philadelphia area.

Not only will the addition add value to your property; it will also add value to your family’s daily lives. An outdoor kitchen is a great place for entertaining. This aspect is well known and fairly obvious. It gives friends, family and neighbors a great place to bond and share what is going on in their daily lives, all the while cooking delicious master pieces from your sun-drenched outdoor patio space. One of the less obvious advantages includes lowering the cost of air conditioning bills during the scorching summer days. The heat put off by cooking indoors will more than likely make you reach for the thermostat and begin cranking the thermostat lower and lower; as your utility bill will keep reaching higher and higher. Over time the savings could add up to be a lot more than you might expect.

The “stay-cation effect”

Another advantage is what I like to call the “stay-cation effect” with the addition of an outdoor kitchen area you might rethink the long extended vacations you used to take. After all this addition could make the comforts of home and the relaxation of a vacation paradise only steps away from your door day after day and year after year.

The prefect gathering place – a plethora of advantages

From an entertainment stand point an outdoor kitchen has a plethora of advantages. The first one that comes to mind is the mess that would’ve originally been in your house after having a large number of people over is now at least outside where cleaning with a garden hose is going to be easier than scrubbing stains from carpeted floors.

Before installing your outdoor kitchen

There are a few things to consider before installing your outdoor kitchen. For example, what is the space going to be used for? Is it mostly for occasional entertainment purposes or for spending time in your outdoor oasis every weekend? How many people do you plan on average to have in the space? This will determine such things as how much counter space will be needed. Will there be room for additional seating? Also how much time will you be spending in this area? Maybe a grill and counter space for you and your family is adequate or maybe you will need an outdoor sink, refrigerator and other appliances as well for entertaining purposes. When will you be using the space, is it more likely you will be using the area during the day, night, early spring and fall? This opens up a wide variety of options and roof structures such as pergolas or sun sails. Will a fire place be useful on breezy evenings? There are a lot of aspects to consider while designing an outdoor kitchen, luckily we are here to help turn your outdoor kitchen ideas into reality.
Maybe it’s all the reasons outlined above, but hanging out outdoors cooking and eating with friends is just a great time. And an outdoor kitchen with all the amenities — grill/cooking surface, sink, refrigerator, comfy seating, and more – will make you want to

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