Residential and Commercial Lawn Care Tips for Summer

lawn care & residential landscaping PAWhat do you picture when you think of summer?

  1. I’m on the beach with a cold drink, reading a great book or just enjoying the sun.
  2. We’re having a cookout. Family and friends are all around and everyone’s having a blast.
  3. The Fourth of July. We’re watching fireworks in the park.
  4. The lawn. I’m locked in an unending battle with the lawn.

If you answered D, trust that you’re not alone. Owning a home – or in some cases, a business – can often mean having a large patch of grass to care for. That’s why we’ve put together these tips used for residential landscaping maintenance in PA to make life with your lawn a little easier this summer.

  1. Don’t mow too much

You might keep your hair shorter in the summer because it’s cooler, but it’s not a good idea to apply the same thinking to your lawn. Taller grass keeps the soil shaded and reduces water evaporation. This lets the roots of the grass run deeper and keeps weeds from taking hold on your lawn. You can achieve a longer cut by adjusting your mower height and timing your cuttings so you never remove more than a third of the grass surface at one time.

  1. Keep your blades sharp

Sharpen your mower blades regularly to avoid tearing the grass. When a dull blade causes a tear in a grass blade, it opens the door for disease. A sharp blade should last for 10 hours of mowing. And if you’ve mowed the grass to the proper height, you can leave the clippings on the lawn, a practice that’s known as greencycling. These clippings will supply your soil with extra nutrients and add shade to help your lawn grow.

  1. Water deeply, but not often

Give your water a deep soak, which encourages deep root growth.  Light water encourages roots to stay closer to the surface, which makes your grass susceptible to drought. Check with a lawn care professional for recommendations on irrigation schedules.

  1. Seeding and weeding

Patches of lawn that aren’t growing properly need to be seeded. And you need to be patient. Seeding a barren spot more than once will cause the soil to be overworked.

Weeds are another big nuisance for residential and commercial lawn care. You’ll need to monitor your lawn every other day to find new weeds and root them out before they have a chance to grow roots.

  1. Fertilize on schedule

It’s important to fertilize your lawn on schedule. Again, this is an area where you may need professional advice to find out the best fertilizing schedule for your region.

  1. Don’t park on the lawn

Putting your car on your lawn leads to soil compaction, which can kill the grass. During droughts or heatwaves, you may even want to keep foot traffic off your lawn.

If you run a business, caring for your lawn might be just one of many duties on your plate. And if you’re a homeowner, managing lawn care might seem kind of daunting after a long day at work.

Let Realty Landscaping help. We’ve spent more than 30 years providing award-winning residential landscaping and commercial lawn care in PA to homes and businesses in southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Contact us today, and give yourself one less thing to worry about this summer.

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