Commercial Mulching

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Professional commercial mulching to keep your property clean and beautiful throughout the year.

Commercial Landscaping & Mulching

A professionally landscaped and mulched island in a commercial lot.

When spring arrives, you’re likely spending a lot time on commercial lawncare. But does that lawncare regimen include mulching? If not, it should. There are numerous benefits to commercial mulching in PA.

First off, it protects your plants. If you put down just two inches of mulch into your landscape beds and surrounding plants, you can help those plants survive.

How? Because the mulch will keep their roots cool, and protect them from losing water. In the winter months, mulch can help insulate roots from frigid weather.

Mulch also protects against weeds in landscape beds by blocking sunlight, thus keeping new weeds from forming. Again, all you’ll need is a two-inch layer of mulch. In fact, adding more than that can act as a barrier to the air, water and nutrients that your plants need.

Mulch will break down during the year and provide your soil with important nutrients such as nitrogen. This breakdown allows plants to form a healthy root structure and survive stressful times of year.

Late spring is the best time for commercial mulching. PA springs can be cool early on, and you need to give your soil a chance to warm up. Putting mulch down too early can slow the warming process.

Most commercial lawncare providers use double-shredded hardwood mulch, which comes in standard and dyed varieties. Dyed mulches tend to retain their color longer – typically this is brown or black — although they can be costlier.

When they need commercial mulching, PA businesses turn to Realty Landscape for help. Contact us today to learn how we can help your commercial property look its best.

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