Commercial Turf Management & Weed Control

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Meticulously-manicured lawns & weed-free plant beds for your property.

Commercial Turf Management & Lawn CareLawn care means more than just cutting the grass. It’s a multi-step process that includes lawn mowing as well as weeding and preventing weeds, aerating and fertilizing.

Proper mowing means using the right equipment for the right conditions, and cutting in a way that promotes growth while keeping your lawn tidy.

Cutting your lawn too short can actually promote weed growth. A buzz-cut lawn allows light to reach the weed seeds.  You can prevent weeds through mulching, by using herbicides, and by keeping your soil moist, for easier weed removal.

Another way to care through your turf is through aeration, the process of removing small pieces of soil from your lawn, improving the flow of air between your soil and the surrounding atmosphere. When air, water and nutrients have an easier time entering your soil, they can nourish the roots of the grass, leading to a healthier lawn.

You can also make your lawn heathier by using fertilizer, which can give your grass some added vigor, helping it grow thicker and with more color.

When they need landscape management service, PA business owners call Realty Landscaping. We’re happy to provide lawn care services to companies in the Philadelphia areas, as well as large estate properties. Contact us today to find out how we can give you a healthier, happier lawn.

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