Commercial Watering & Irrigation

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Professional watering services and irrigation to keep your commercial property well-maintained.

Commercial watering and irrigationWhen it comes time to hire a landscape watering service, PA residents know that whoever they pick will be dealing with ever-changing, unpredictable weather.

Realty Landscaping can protect your property with our smart, efficient irrigation systems. Whether it’s a rainy day in May or a humid week in July, we recognize that our clients still want the same thing: that their investments are protected and looking their best.

People have a few options when it comes to landscape watering service in PA. You can go with manual irrigation, which is more efficient and less expensive than automatic sprinklers, but also more time consuming.

If you have a larger property, an automatic irrigation system will be more beneficial, although professional maintenance and service are recommended.

Our uniformed, trained and certified irrigation professionals will follow the latest in irrigation design, maintenance and installation practices, and adhere to the strictest safety standards during installation. We complete our projects on time and under budget, in a courteous, professional manner.

Once installation has wrapped up, we will monitor your new irrigation system and make any necessary tweaks throughout the season. We can renovate older systems as your property matures to meet your ever-changing needs.

Realty Landscaping’s commercial and residential landscape irrigation services include:

  • Pop-up and drip irrigation design and installation
  • Irrigation maintenance and seasonal adjustment
  • Rainwater harvesting

Contact us today if you’re interested in receiving updated landscape watering service in PA (Bucks, Lehigh, Montgomery and Delaware counties) or New Jersey.

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