Integrated Pest Management

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Caring for your trees, plants and flowers through integrated pest management.

In states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania, landscaping pest control means keeping an eye out for things like Japanese beetles, grubs and – more and more – the emerald ash borer.

You’ve put a lot of effort in making sure the grounds around your business look lush, green and inviting. The last thing you want is for a pest infestation to strike.

Some of the region’s common pets include:

  • Gypsy moths: The larvae of these moths feed in late spring, attacking oaks as well as many deciduous trees and shrubs. Signs of infestation include defoliation and large egg masses.
  • The emerald ash borer: This invasive beetle species has attacked ash trees all over the country, feeding on the inside of white and green ashes. If left untreated, their infestation means a slow death for your tree. Look for D-shaped holes in your trees, and for woodpeckers, which feed on the borers.
  • Asian longhorned beetle: These beetles’ larvae feed on maple, willow, poplar, ash, chestnut, elm and buckeye trees. Look for 3/8-inch exit holes, sawdust and sap.

One way to deal with these pests is through the concept of integrated pest management (or IPM) is a method of improving the health of plants by preventing pest activity and preserving beneficial insects.

IPM deals with pest problems on lawns, plants and trees by knowing the life cycles of different pests, how much damage those pests may cause and when they are most susceptible to controls.

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