5 Small Space Landscape Design Ideas

Vertical garden with morning warm sunlight.

You love where you live. You’ve got a nice house and friendly neighbors. Your kids can walk to school. What you don’t have is a big backyard.

At work, you hear your co-workers talk about the trials and tribulations of owning a giant lawn – moles, crabgrass, mowing – and while you’re relieved not to have that headache, part of you wonders what you’d do with more space to experiment with landscape design.

Bucks, PA residents with smaller yards, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have wonder. Landscaping isn’t just for people with lots of land. Here are a few small space landscape ideas you can try to give your property a new look.

1. Vertical gardens

Having a smaller yard doesn’t mean that gardening is off-limits. It’s simply a matter of growing up, and not out, with a vertical garden.

This has become a pretty popular trend, with many off-the-shelf solutions – wall planters, for example – that let you grow plants and flowers vertically without having to sacrifice space or soil.

Adding an arbor or a trellis can make your space appear larger by drawing the eye skyward, giving the illusion of more space (and adding a dash of color and fragrance when flowers are in bloom.)

2. A dash – or even more than a dash – of color

Putting bright colors on view can make a smaller yard seem much bigger. That’s because these vivid shades grab the attention first, making the rest of the space appear to recede and feel larger.

You can achieve this affect by planting some colorful flowers, or by adding color to an outdoor wall, turning what was once drab into something more eye-catching.

3. Giving yourself more privacy

If you don’t have a big piece of property, adding privacy fencing can make you feel even more hemmed in. Instead, grow plants along your property line – either shrubs or trees – to create a sort of living fence. Your yard will blend nicely with surrounding properties and give you a much nicer view. Your local Bucks PA landscape design experts can help you decide the best way to plant.

4. Don’t forget the side yard

Is there a side yard that extends out from your backyard? Don’t let this small – but valuable – bit of real estate go to waste. The side yard can be more than just the space where you keep your trash cans. It can be home to a miniature garden or a place to host small outdoor gatherings.

5. Keep things simple

With space at a premium in your yard, it can become very easy for things to get cluttered and the eye to become overwhelmed. Keep things simple and streamlined by only adding a few decorative items.

This philosophy should cover your lawn as well. Keep it well maintained and mowed and try to encourage your kids not to leave toys and sporting equipment laying around.

Looking for more suggestions for small space landscape design? Bucks PA residents can turn to Realty Landscaping. We are an award-winning landscape design/build service with decades of expertise at our fingertips and the ability to enhance the image – and value – of your property. Contact us today to see how we can improve your space, no matter how big or how small.

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