Spring Landscape Maintenance Checklist for Property Managers in PA

landscape maintenance in PA

Now that the winter season has come to an end and the blooming months of spring are finally upon us, commercial property managers throughout Pennsylvania are prepping for an annual tradition that the Realty Landscaping team has been dutifully observing for years: Namely, landscape maintenance in PA.

If you’re a property manager yourself, it probably hasn’t escaped your attention that the start of the spring season is an ideal time to get the landscape surrounding the commercial property you’re responsible for back in top working order. Plants and shrubbery that have been dormant for months will soon be flowering back to life. If it isn’t already, the weather will soon be ideal for working in the great outdoors. And perhaps most importantly, the malnourished landscape that’s been neglected all winter is finally prepared to shine.

Landscape Maintenance in PA: What to remember

If you’re not entirely sure where to start or which tasks to add to your landscape maintenance project, consider starting your job with the following:

  • Remove your landscape’s debris: If it’s been more than six months since your last all-inclusive landscape maintenance job, the property you manage will almost certainly be covered in leaves and other tree debris and random bits of trash. Depending on the size of your property, you’ll need to either gather any fallen debris by hand or collect it with a rake. A solid raking job, by the way, may also serve to speed up the growth of any new grass on the property.
  • Aerate your soil: Because the soil surrounding the plants and shrubbery on your property has been packed solidly hard all winter, spring is of course the perfect time to get it properly loosened. Aerating will better allow your soil to breathe, which will in turn serve to add life back to the plants, flowers, and other living things that make your commercial landscape everything it is.
  • Remember to prune: Although pruning is likely a task you tend to stay on top of throughout the year, the start of the spring season can bring a plethora of dead limbs and overgrown branches that are in desperate need of a trimming. Aside from improving the overall aesthetic of a commercial property’s landscape, trimming back any dead or dying limbs will also encourage healthy growth as the cold winter season fades away.
  • Replace your mulch: Even if your property’s mulch doesn’t technically need to be replaced just yet, spring cleaning is nevertheless a good time to get the job done. Over time, mulch is likely to get kicked and blown across nearly any properly, thus giving off the impression that you have much less mulch than you started with. The deep color of your mulch may have faded, and replacing it with a fresh bed will go a long way towards improving the landscape’s overall look and feel.
  • Check your sprinkler system: We had a fairly mild PA winter this year, so the chances that your irrigation system got slaughtered by a storm are pretty slim. Still, you’ll want to check your sprinkler heads for any sort of damage. You’ll also want to make sure your irrigation system’s automatic watering schedule is still set to a time that works best for your client.      

A Happy Alternative to Landscape Maintenance in PA

Realty Landscaping has been offering blue chip commercial landscape maintenance services in PA and New Jersey for many, many years. If the tasks we’ve described here don’t sound especially exciting to you, and if you don’t already have a crew who can competently tackle these sorts of tasks, consider giving us a call.

When we say that no detail is too small and no landscape maintenance job too large for us, we mean it. We leave absolutely no detail unattended when we’re caring for your grounds. Click to learn more about our experience and the landscape maintenance services we offer in PA and NJ. And when you’re ready to contact us, we’ll be waiting for you.

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