5 Small Space Landscape Design Ideas

Vertical garden with morning warm sunlight.

You love where you live. You’ve got a nice house and friendly neighbors. Your kids can walk to school. What you don’t have is a big backyard.

At work, you hear your co-workers talk about the trials and tribulations of owning a giant lawn – moles, crabgrass, mowing – and while you’re relieved not to have that headache, part of you wonders what you’d do with more space to experiment with landscape design.

Bucks, PA residents with smaller yards, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have wonder. Landscaping isn’t just for people with lots of land. Here are a few small space landscape ideas you can try to give your property a new look.

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Let Realty Landscape Help You Get Ready for Spring

Get Ready for SpringThe sun is shining, the snow has disappeared, and homeowners have already started to search for spring solutions. Let Realty Landscape point you in the right direction by explaining the proper steps for starting spring on the right foot.

After all, there’s nothing better than grilling on a beautiful Memorial Day with a lush and beautiful landscape.

Spring Cleanup:

The name says it all. The first spring cleanup steps recommended by Realty Landscaping are: cleaning out any leaves or debris; edging all the planting beds; and cutting back any plants that require it.

  • Cleanout leaves and debris: Essentially, you want your landscape to be clean and neat.  To ensure the best results, you really want to make sure you pick up everything.  Check under large evergreen shrubs, especially when they line a wall.  Try using a backpack blower to flush out leaves and debris.
  • Edging plant beds: This is one the most important elements of spring cleanup.  Edging your beds really defines spaces in the landscape.  It also ensures that your turf isn’t growing into your bed areas, which would be unsightly.
  • Cutting back plants: There are many plants that will need to be cut back in the early spring.  It’s healthier for the plant to grow and it’ll look better since most of what you will be cutting off is brown and dead.  Some common plants that will need to be cut back include Liriope and any other ornamental grasses.

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The Importance of Spring Cleanup

With the 2015 spring season now upon us, the spring cleanup process is more important than ever. After receiving a decent amount of snowfall this past winter, which included wet snow and gusty winds, the season created a backyard nightmare for almost everyone.

spring cleanupThe following are some easy steps to follow to complete a successful spring cleanup:

  • Removal of any fallen trees or limbs from the winter snow and ice damage
  • Grinding of tree stumps that are a result of fallen trees
  • Removal of the stump grinding and filling in with topsoil above grade, allowing for settlement
  • Installation of the proper grass seed mix, and then straw mulch in the affected area
  • Raking the lawn would be beneficial to remove all matted down leaves and debris so that the turf area can breathe and get the proper air circulation.
  • Any wet areas should also be raked and cleaned of debris.

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5 Dramatic Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Bucks & Montgomery Home

There are any number of ways to enhance the landscape of your home, and along with it, the aesthetic appeal of its exterior.

landscape lighting ideasTrees, decorative shrubs, ponds, the creative use of stonework and concrete are just a few.

Another way to drastically increase the curb appeal and the overall atmosphere of your outdoor living space is through the decorative use of outdoor lighting.

Lighting is sometimes overlooked as a decorative element, but it is something that can easily transform the look and feel of your home’s exterior and the land that surrounds it.

Aside from its obvious functional aspect, if you entertain during the warm months, outdoor lighting can also add a great deal of festive ambiance to your party or outdoor event.

Well-placed lighting can accentuate the architecture of your home, and it can highlight outdoor elements such as trees and plants and add a warm glow to patios and gazebos.

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Affordable Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Options For Your Home

Walkway low voltage landscape lighting Bucks County PA

Walkway low voltage landscape lighting Bucks County PA

You have pulled out all the stops to make your house and landscape first rate. So why let all that hard work and expense disappear at night. With the flick of a switch and some well-placed landscape lights, you can eliminate the darkness and put it all on display. Illuminate.
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A Residential Estate Maintenance Program Can Give You More Freetime

When you pull in the driveway of your Buckingham, Bucks County, PA home do you feel proud or do you feel overwhelmed with the list of landscape items that need to be tended to in the upcoming weekend. Do the numerous chores or landscape contractors that you need to call take over your nights and weekends? That’s why you need a full service landscaping company. Professional service and professionally licensed, Realty Landscaping will meet all of your landscape requirements and desires. First impressions are made at the curb. We understand that your landscape is an important investment for you. Continue reading A Residential Estate Maintenance Program Can Give You More Freetime →