The Importance of Project Management in Landscape Design & Construction


When it comes to commercial landscape design in PA, there are certain “best practices” that must be followed.

One way to make sure these practices are adhered to is through project management, which ensures every landscaping job is thoroughly planned, coordinated and controlled from its commencement to its completion.

Project Management with Client Concerns in Mind

The best landscape service providers strive to meet clients’ nuanced requirements. The details of the project must be tailored to the property, client demands and budget limits. The goal of such project management is to generate a viable project that is functional without exceeding cost expectations.

Project management recognizes the fact that no two clients have the same needs and desires. Certain clients desire a new landscaping aesthetic. Others are looking for enhanced functionality or greener, more sustainable landscaping.

The planning process should involve landscape architects along with contractors. These are the parties solely responsible for customer satisfaction. They keep the lines of communication open to regularly interact with clients about the landscape project’s details, updates and goals.

Letting Clients Make the Decisions

It is a mistake for the landscaper to make every single decision. Though a client might not have specific ideas as to what his landscaping should look like, it is important for him to guide the decision-making process. The two parties should interact on a regular basis to ensure the client is satisfied with the direction of the project.

Commercial landscape construction projects are not always completely straightforward. In some instances, adjustments are necessary as the project progresses and clients watch their property take shape. In certain situations, field conditions are significantly different than the landscape plan’s initial information.

It is possible that certain plant stock becomes unavailable, that weather interferes or other challenges arise. The client should make decisions regarding major alterations yet provide the landscaper with ample flexibility to rearrange plans to suit daily demands.

Proactive project management involves recognizing that glitches will occur at one point or another. The key is to identify the issues in a timely manner, get a gauge of the consequences and craft alternate approaches to properly manage the challenge.

If the client is kept in the loop and provided with the information necessary to make an informed decision, the result will prove quite satisfying in terms of aesthetics, functionality and price.

Project Coordination

Some clients observe daily landscaping activities. Others simply see the result. A limited viewpoint does not give clients the chance to fully understand just how much coordination is necessary to implement high-quality fieldwork. Project management ensures all aspects of the project are properly coordinated. Everything from the project’s schedule to equipment, materials, pricing, deliveries and labor play important parts in the result.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind 

Project management relies upon an overarching view in which all stages of landscaping are considered. This is the “big picture” so to speak. Seemingly minor decisions play important roles in the result. Some projects are extraordinarily complex with a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and other landscaping features while others are comparably simple.

Proper project management for commercial landscape design in PA ensures the subtleties of each project are accounted for, so the project is completed on time and to perfection. It will also improve efficiency in terms of completing the project by or before the deadline and minimizing costs.

Establishing a time frame for the project’s schedule is essential to ensuring the intended result is achieved in a timely manner. The project should have a “critical path” that establishes the flow of events from the project’s launch to its finish.

Every function and stage should be well-defined and completed in a logical manner. This critical path scheduling keeps the project on course for a timely completion that meets or surpasses client expectations.

Commercial Landscape Design in PA Done Right

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