The Importance of Spring Cleanup

With the 2015 spring season now upon us, the spring cleanup process is more important than ever. After receiving a decent amount of snowfall this past winter, which included wet snow and gusty winds, the season created a backyard nightmare for almost everyone.

spring cleanupThe following are some easy steps to follow to complete a successful spring cleanup:

  • Removal of any fallen trees or limbs from the winter snow and ice damage
  • Grinding of tree stumps that are a result of fallen trees
  • Removal of the stump grinding and filling in with topsoil above grade, allowing for settlement
  • Installation of the proper grass seed mix, and then straw mulch in the affected area
  • Raking the lawn would be beneficial to remove all matted down leaves and debris so that the turf area can breathe and get the proper air circulation.
  • Any wet areas should also be raked and cleaned of debris.

It’s best if this work is completed before your first lawn care application is applied. This way the fertilizer and pre-emergent crabgrass control will reach its destination without interference from unwanted debris, and the raking process will not affect the turf application.

The next step would involve cutting off your perennial plants and ornamental grasses, which will allow the new growth to get a proper start to the new season. Removal of this debris is very important for a healthy start. At the same time, remove any left-over wintering leaves and weeds or excessive mulch.

Next, prune any broken branches on trees and shrubs that have been caused by wind, ice or other winter damage. For any broken branches six feet or above, consult an arborist or tree company.

This is also a good time to reduce the size of plants while they are still dormant. (Be careful not to prune spring flowering shrubs at this time. Instead, wait until they have bloomed).

After the spring cleanup has been completed it would be a good time to aerate the lawn for better root development, water and air movement in the soil. This will also help to relieve soil compaction from all the pounding rains. This operation should be done before your spring lawn application.

Once you have completed these steps, you are on your way to a healthier landscape. Good luck and enjoy your growing season.

Author: Greg Straub, 215.598.7334

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