Winterizing Your Irrigation System is Critical

SprinklersIn our most recent blog post, we took a look at some of the most critical tasks any commercial property manager will need to complete this fall in order to properly prepare his or her landscape for the coming winter.  Lawn aeration, the application of mulch, the wholesale removal of summer annuals or perennials—you get the gist.

We also touched on the huge importance of properly winterizing your property’s irrigation system before the end of fall. But because that particular task can be so incredibly costly if it isn’t done right (and also because we spent less than 100 words discussing it), we figured it might be useful to dive a bit deeper into the subject by devoting an entire post to irrigation system winterizing: why it’s so important, and frankly, why you need an irrigation systems professional—in this instance, a commercial landscaper in Bucks County—to handle the job for you.

Before we dive in, however, let us remind you that our highly trained and certified irrigation professionals follow current irrigation design, installation and maintenance practices, not to mention the strictest safety standards in every instance. Realty Landscaping is one of the largest, best known and most respected commercial landscapers in Bucks County, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that we complete our projects on time and on budget.

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Why Is Irrigation System Winterizing So Important?

This is the easiest way to think about it: The colder the weather, the deeper into your ground the freeze penetrates—and it’s the freeze, of course, that can burst your pipes. So if your irrigation system sits, say, 10 feet beneath the surface of the earth and the freeze penetrates just a foot or two deep, you don’t have much to worry about.

In reality, though, that’s not the way it works. The sub-zero temperatures we’re expecting this season will surely reach deep enough to freeze any water that remains in your irrigation system. Frozen water, as we know, expands. The result? A very expensive-to-replace system of burst pipes. That’s why you want to be 100 percent sure your system is bone dry by autumn’s end.

How Exactly Are Commercial Irrigation Systems Winterized?

Good question! And we’ll be perfectly honest: It’s not a terribly complicated process. But it absolutely does have to be done correctly, every single time. That’s why we only employ certified and time-tested professionals. After all, if any step is overlooked or completed improperly, you may as well have skipped the entire process. After all, your pocketbook isn’t going to care about “almost,” or “close enough.”

At any rate, the process begins with shutting off the main water source. We then check to make sure your irrigation system’s automatic pumps are functioning properly. If they are, water will continue to be pumped out of your system after the main water source is turned off.

How Do We Ensure Your Irrigation System Is Dry?

After attaching an air compressor to your system’s main water supply, we use controlled blasts of compressed air to remove any water that may still be lingering in the pipes of your commercial irrigation system. Each system zone needs to be opened consecutively during this process, during which various steps are taken to ensure that sprinkler heads, rotors and valves are not damaged. Using the wrong sort of compressor during this process—or even the right compressor with the wrong level of pressure—can result in a partially or even entirely cracked or damaged irrigation system. In other words, a good deal of money lost.

Safeguard Your Valuable Irrigation System by Investing in Professional Help

Because of the multiple years of experience our certified team members have already invested in the industry, we’re able to protect your investment and maximize the potential of your commercial property.

We don’t simply complete your job and leave, never to be seen or heard from again. We monitor your system and your landscape to make the necessary adjustments throughout the season. And as your property matures, we can implement renovations on older systems to meet your property’s ever-changing needs.

Does this sound like an investment you can get behind? You bet it is. To learn more—or to schedule an appointment with our commercial landscaper in Bucks County—call Realty Landscaping today. We’re ready and waiting to take this part of your landscaping task list off your hands, permanently.

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