Center Valley Residence


Masonry, Landscape Lighting, Landscape Install

This featured home is located in the Center Valley, Pennsylvania area. Challenges of this site included the existing topography, drainage, sun exposure and wildlife.

A masonry retaining wall consisting of matching stone from the house façade was constructed to terrace the front lawn area. The terracing was not only functional, but also added interest and an architectural element to the front of the property. The hardscaping phase of the project also included a winding brick paver walkway and driveway border. The overall layout of the walkway and choice of earth tone colors blends well with the surrounding landscape.

Low voltage landscape lighting was strategically placed near ornamental trees and along the walkway. Some fixtures were also placed along the foundation of the house to illuminate the home’s stone façade. This arrangement provides some security while also giving the home an elegant look during nighttime hours.

Our overall planting palette consisted of a mix of deer resistant trees, shrubs and perennials. A variety of colors and textures were utilized to soften the home and surrounding hardscape, while still blending in with the

To protect their investment, the homeowner also has us provide specialized tree, shrub and lawn maintenance.

Both aesthetic and budgetary needs were satisfied. We were able successfully meet the client’s needs by preserving and improving the overall worth of the property.

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